Mountain Bike Excursions

the Montefeltro area of ​​paths and natural parks, mountains hills and a network of paths among the most beautiful in Italy, ideal for every cyclist who loves fat wheels. Routes suitable for both beginners and veterans alike, both will not be disappointed by the splendid slopes of Mount Pietralata from the beautiful single track trails of the Cesane forests. Passable also the old paths of the Duchy that have as their fulcrum Urbino and that wind up to Urbania, Monte Montiego, Pieve di Cagna and many others. Suggestive and planned to be tabulated even the historic center of Urbino gives glimpses and pleasant views that only in MTB can be appreciated.

Services dedicated to Bikers:

- Safe garage for MTB deposit
- Possibility to rent at 7 km MTB and EBIKE
- Workshop equipped with compressor, tripod and tools
- Mechanic expert in structure (Francesco the owner)
- Expert MTB guide with AMI BIKE patent in the structure (Francesco the owner)
- Maps and detailed maps


To discover a hidden side of our areas, for the most dynamic and brave, to immerse yourself in nature, accompanied by expert guides. Further details HERE ...


Nordic Walking

This new discipline, is proving more and more successful, in fact it reconciles the possibility of being in the middle of nature to that of doing sports. The collaboration with the masters of the Italian School of Nordic Walking allows us to organize events for those who like to practice this type of activity. The particularity of this sport of Scandinavian origin, is the coordination between walking and use of sticks, using a correct body posture. Various benefits derive from his practice. In addition to a fitness effect, it improves posture, body control and joint flexibility. Learning the technique of Nordic Walking is essential to achieve the physical well-being guaranteed by a correct biomechanical and postural attitude, amplified by the pleasure of being together, with enthusiasm, immersed in nature.

Below we report the programs that thanks to the collaboration with the friends of the Energy Nordic Walking Association of San Marino we can propose:

School: The basic course consists of 3 modules of 5 hours and a half of total duration (2 modules of 2 hours and a final one of 1.5 hours), during which you can assimilate the technique of using the sticks and the correct geometry of the pass.


Start of registration procedures, presentations and delivery of sticks to registered participants

First Module Saturday afternoon 14.00 hours duration 2.00

1 PHASE: Relaxation and Recovery of Natural Walking
2 PHASE: Coordinated Development and Alternate Technique

Second Module Sunday afternoon 14.00 hours duration 2.00

3 PHASE: Postural Elements
4 PHASE: Breathing
5 PHASE: Advanced Techniques

Following, specialization lesson, date and time to be agreed during registration with the participants. Duration 1 hour and 30.

In the context of the course the participants will be filmed in images and video modeling for the improvement of the technique.

Outputs. As an alternative to the course it is possible to organize walks immersed in the green, such as along the paths of the Cesane Park. These activities may last half a day. The excursions will be preceded by a breefing with the master during breakfast and depending on availability, at the end of the walk it will be possible to organize a refreshment to share the experience just experienced with the other participants. www.montefeltroadventure.it



The Rafting Center is located in Vallo di Nera in the beautiful Valnerina in the Province of Perugia, 10 km from Spoleto. The paths that are made are two of equal length of about 8 km the first is suitable for all ages and especially for those who have never done so, the other a little more challenging with a jump of three meters and several rapids , fun and not dangerous, this is also suitable for most customers
We are an amateur sports association whose goal is the growth of tourism in Umbria after the seismic events that are "slowing down" our tourism.

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