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Our philosophy is based on the respect for the richness that our territory can offers, therefore, it lies in the sole (rigorous) use of local and seasonal raw materials (products). Working in tune with the territory means supporting the local economy and promoting the small businesses (entrepreneurships) that feed it, in order to have availability of fresh, seasonal and high-quality products. This simple concept gives us the chance to offer an innovative kitchen, yet still authentic and respectful of the local tradition, in which genuine dishes are designed to emphasize the tastes and flavors of the raw materials that have been used.

We are trying to offer niche products: those kinds of products that need to be found, the ones that are produced only if the season allows it and which flavors and smells are hard to explain, those, without which our territory would not be as intriguing. For example: the Montefeltro’s saffron, the Cicerchia of Serra de Conti, the Solfino bean, Quarantino corn flour and many more...

In winter, the internal dining room, with its bricks and original wooden beams.

Sara takes care of the kitchen, the preparation of the bread, focaccia, desserts and anything you will find in the plate. Giona is responsible for everything concerning the preparation of the pizza, thus the dough, its leavening and the maintenance of the wood oven. Finally, Francesco takes care of the dining room, the wine cellar, the beers and is always searching for new ingredients to add to the menu. Together we are La Valle del Vento.

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