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Our philosophy is based on the respect and the wealth of the territory and in the exclusive use of local and seasonal food. Working with the territory means supporting the local economy and encouraging small businesses that feed it, thus having a product always fresh and seasonal. With this simple concept we can have an imaginative but really home cooking, simple but absolutely genuine dishes trying to favor the taste and taste of the raw materials used.

We try to favor niche products, those that need to be found, those that are produced only if the season allows, those that have a taste and a scent that can hardly be told, those, without which, our territory does not it would be great. How: the Saffron of the Montefeltro hills, the Cicerchia of Serra de Conti, the Fagiolo Solfino, the Farina di Mais Quarantino and many more ...

Sara takes care of the kitchen, the preparation of bread, crescie, cakes and everything that will be on the plate. Giona takes care of the pizza, the dough, the leavening and the wood oven. Francesco looks after the hall, the cellar, the beers and is always looking for new ingredients to use. Together we are La Valle del Vento.

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