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The Montefeltro, land of myths and great leaders, a land of hamlets and cradle of the Italian Renaissance, romantic views and breathtaking views. An austere territory, rich in wonders to be discovered and remembered over time, with Urbino to make it the birthplace of Raffaello Sanzio.

Main places of historical and landscape interest

Urbino www.lemarchediurbino.it

Urbania (Antica Castel Durante) www.urbania-casteldurante.it

Sal Leo www.san-leo.it

Gradara www.gradara.org

Sassocorvaro www.borghipesarourbino.it

Mondavio www.mondavioturismo.it

Cagli www.turismo.marche.it

Pergola www.bronzidorati.com

Castello Brancaleoni di Piobbico www.castellobrancaleoni.it

Riserva Naturale Gola del Furlo www.riservagoladelfurlo.it

Grotte di Frasassi www.frasassi.com

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